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About us:


We know: Every person is unique and valuable. Everyone gives a important contribution to life.


Our mission is:

* To help people to live happily - to be happy

* To help you in the awakening and the development of your potential

* To promote your responsibility and self-confidence

* To make you conscious about your true self and the abilities which slumber in you

* To indicate steps which lead to a fulfilled life.

* To help you to see the big picture

* To promote a holistic thinking and acting

* To support people by the realisation of her visions.


We understand our activity as a help to self-help.

We love to support you with our experience and love.


Our work is independent of religious and ideological groups.


We are:

Godiam (Manfred Dörsch) and different colleagues (You’ll find their names at the respective offers)


About me:

Since my youth I have intensely dealt with psychology, spirituality, body-, energy- & consciousness work.

The last 30 years were filled with practice and studies with different teachers. Moreover, I could acquire some knowledge and experience by my own.

In this time my attitude to life has changed. Earlier I had the idea that it takes (unpleasant) effort to learn, to grow and to be successful. In the meantime I know that it is possible by joy as well. Above all this gives more pleasure! 

On the way I became a Reiki Master, Firewalk-, Fogo Sagrado and Tantra Teacher, Atlantis Water Worker, NLP and Bliss Trainer and so on.
My newest work is teaching that we are still in paradise here and now


About my work:

Every person is unique. Hence, it is important to me to support the respective person in such a way as it is just optimum for him.

Handling each person individually also affects the price. Thus it depends on the income of the client.


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